Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Francisco Attorney Claims "an Affair with Barbara Boxer"

A South Carolina political blogger claimed he had an affair with Nikki Haley, the Tea Party pick for SC governor.  Some skeptics think the political blogger, Will Folks, just made the whole thing up to skewer Haley's chance for election.  After all, Will Folks is as ugly as a mud fence and Nikki Haley is a hot chick.

In your dreams, Will.

Now, however, we learn of a real, an actual controversy right here in San Francisco.  Psota, possibly the only conservative attorney in San Francisco, has revealed his multiple affairs with prominent Democrat women, including Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer.  Shocking!  And purely coincidental that Psota's revelations come so close to the re-election efforts of these brazen hussies.

Okay, I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but I too had an affair with Barbara Boxer. When Babs and I had our inappropriate physical relationship (and dang, that whip really hurt), I called her "sugar-pie honey bun" while in the throes of passion. I was stunned when she replied, "Please call me Senator, I worked so hard for that designation."

Thanks for coming clean, Psota.  Do I hear Simon and Garfunkel singing in the background?  So here's to you, Mrs. Robinson....

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