Monday, May 10, 2010

Helping Debbie Schlussel Find Unauthorized Use of Her "Copyrighted" Photo

Now Debbie Schlussel has issued an ominous "cease and desist" email to Bob Belvedere, telling him that she will get Word Press to delete his whole blog for using her ancient, out-of-date glamor photo without her permission.

Well then, I wonder why Debbie hasn't had this Word Press blog deleted?

And here it is again at a Blogger blog.

And again at yet another Word Press site.  I guess Word Press just hasn't gotten around to deleting the site yet, hey Debbie?

And yet again.  I notice they included a picture of Rosie O'Donnell as another Debbie Schlussel pic.  The mistake is understandable.  O'Donnell is chubby, obnoxious and hates many prominent conservatives..TOO.

Still another one of those "copyrighted" photos.  [Owner, in response to this post, deleted the photo, calling Debbie a "crazy-assed Jew."  Tsk tsk, she is indeed crazy-assed but her Jewishness is irrelevant to this discussion.]

Another one??  Debbie, you aren't doing a very good job of policing your "copyrighted" photo.

And (yawn) still another.

So Debbie, if you sue someone for using your picture without your permission, what do you think the judge would say to all of these "copyrighted" pics all over the net?

Like many attorneys, you're just a little bully....who likes to push people around.

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