Friday, May 07, 2010

Is Debbie Schlussel Just Plain Nuts?

Debbie Schlussel, allegedly a Jewish conservative, is a very angry woman.  An awful lot of her anger is directed at other conservatives.  Much of her criticism is valid, e.g., criticizing Sarah Palin for endorsing RINO Carly Fiorina, but she goes too far.  Her criticisms quickly become insulting, ad hominem, potentially libelous attacks wherein she demonizes the conservative who has attracted her wrath.  Taking a page from the Left, Debby seeks not to correct erring conservatives, but to destroy them completely.

Today she has a column "That's Conservative?" where she describes Sarah Palin as "empty vesselette in a skirt," "the Palin Idiotette," "Palinmessiah" and "vapidette."  Schlussel refers to Sarah Palin supporters as "Palinmessiahteapartybots," "Sarahbots" and "Sarahmentalslaves."  She says of them:
Nope, the gushing  followers of Sarah Palin won’t care about any of this.  Because everything Sarah Palin–America’s most selfish and piggish woman (not to mention, likely the most airheaded)–does is magical and genius.  She turns our streets into cotton candy and lollipops.
Apparently not satisfied with insulting a large group of conservative activists, Debbie attacks popular blogger and author Pamela Geller, another supporter of Palin:
BTW, this should be a lesson for you regarding frauds like Scamela Geller, the car loan fraud scammer, who takes money from Sarah Palin’s PAC for ads and who repeatedly gush over this vapidette.  They claim to be against Iran and Ahmadinejad, against Jesse Jackson, and against illegal alien amnesty.  But the bottom  line is–like Sarah Palin–they really aren’t.
Schlussel has been on an anti-Hannity tear for some time, calling him "Sean Vanity" and accusing him of fiscal and other improprieties.

So what's up with Debbie?  She is a very angry woman who seems on the verge of some kind of breakdown.  I doubt that shooting herself in the foot, however, will bring about a cure.  I suspect that she is professionally jealous of conservatives far more successful than she is, in a way similar to Michael Savage's angry jealousies of a couple years back.

Debbie Schlussel has lost enormous credibility with me.  Since she likes to call other people cute names, I will afford her the same honor.  I hereby designate Debbie Schlussel to be known hereafter as "Debbie Demento."

With friends like Debby Demento, you don't need enemies.

UPDATE:  Debby Demento sent me an email threatening me with legal action for using her very flattering "copyrighted photo," so I have replaced it with another one that is far less flattering (she looks quite fat in the replacement photo above).  She is, of course, full of bovine excrement, since the use of the first photo clearly falls in the "fair use" doctrine of the copyright law.  However, I will comply with a photo that she clearly does not own and which probably shows her as she really looks in everyday life, which is not very flattering.


Anonymous said...

Is she wearing a pleather shirt in that pic?

Stogie said...

I have no idea what a pleather shirt is.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You're complaining that she's too mean and aggressive? What's the name of your blog again? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Put on your big boy pants and stop whining.

Stogie said...

Anon, Nice try, but you aren't going to use redirection and skewed logic to get Schlussel off the hook.

This is a conservative blog and I am a conservative; Schlussel has been FALSELY attacking other conservatives in a most slanderous and irresponsible manner. She is not going to get away with it.

Yes, my blog slogan is "Riding Roughshod over the Asinine and Idiotic," and too often these days Schlussel's slanders have been exactly that -- asinine and idiotic.

Will48 said...

Debbie does come off a bit too sharp often (that's an understatement, yes), but - her points are usually valid.

Consider Sean Hannity. This man repeatedly called Patrick Buchanan "his friend". I've heard him couple weeks ago saying on his show that he "loves him".

Need I say more, or are you the kind of a conservative who considers him, and Rand Paul, as your friends too?

What it seems to be really, is that for Debbie the well-being of Israel is an overriding concern. Are you put off by that uncompromizing attitude? Do you consider a case of Israel a side issue at best, or as an unpleasant pest, like Pat Pukeanan obviously does (see, that's how you really cute-name someone)?

If not, after hearing Sean Vannity admiring him repeatedly, how could you not see the validity of her points - and in fact, her attitude?

Stogie said...

Will48, Israel is an important concern to me, to Sean Hannity, to Sarah Palin, to Pamela Geller; Debbie's nutty slander of these people has absolutely no benefit to Israel, so your argument is, as usual, nutty as hell.

I don't like Pat Buchanan either and have criticized him severely in this blog; use the search window to find the posts.

No, I can't see that Debby's rotten attitude has any validity whatsoever.