Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!!! Drawings, Fatwas, Blasphemy and Fun!

Starting off the great DRAW MOHAMMED DAY is Grizzly Mama's depiction of the Gorious Prophet of Islam:
Nice job, Mama, and without an actual drawing program, yet!

More drawings are below.

To see more pictures, click here.

Christianity is often depicted with the image of a fish.  Well Scott thinks Islam should have its own fish, so he drew Mohammed with a fish face!   After all, Mo was one slippery dude.

Sarah and Mom sent in their very own comic strip depicting Mohammed as himself!  Now that's worth a fatwa or two.

Jumpin' Jihad, Jack!  I almost forgot the earliest contribution, received from "Insider," depicting Mohammed as Moses, or "Mose-Hammad."

Mo always claimed that Jewish and Christian prophets and saints were actually just early Muslims.  This picture proves it!  The original commandments on tablets of stone didn't say beans about coveting your stepson's wife or "thou shalt not kill, rape, rob, kidnap or steal."  No, the original commandments in stone were changed by the infidels.  To see what the original commandments said, just substitute "Thou Shalt" for "Thou Shalt Not."

Mo took the Ten "Thou Shalt" Commandments very seriously and strove all his life to live up to them.  Especially the one depicted here.

Personally, I prefer to depict the Prophet Mohammed as doing ordinary things in everyday life. He was actually quite a fun guy.  When he wasn't mass murdering Jews and then raping their widows, he would enjoy a night out with the boys, bowling, for instance.  Other small enjoyments included a movie or two, a rock concert, a sing-along in the park, and sacking cities.

Or, when Mo was near the coast he would tie his surfboard onto a handy camel and go down to the beach to catch some waves!  Kowabunga, you crazy prophet you!!

Here's another of my depictions, this one of Mohammed Cartman, returning home from a hard day's work on jihad.  Of course, Mo taught that killing people was the "lesser jihad," the "greater jihad" being having to explain to the wife why he was late for dinner and had lipstick on the collar of his toga.

A Blast fromt the Past!  Remember this one, when some silly liberal depicted Mohammed with a tear in his eye over the violence?  What a friggin' laugh, Mo was the guy who ORDERED the violence, nonstop, until all the booty (monetary and otherwise) belonged to the "Prophet!"

Here's one of my earlier efforts from four years ago.  It's not well known, but Mohammed greatly enjoyed a warm bath before sex.

KNOW YOUR HISTORY OF ISLAM:  Mohammed liked to call himself "the Seal of the Prophets."  Why? Here's the reason, another of my cartoons from 2006.

Mohammed as a Cuckoo Bird, a Stogie drawing from 2006.  Lawdy, I've drawn so many cartoons of Mohammed over the past few years that I had forgotten some of them.  Note the Mo-Bird's facial expression.  Just like the prophet, he is easily pissed-off and serious as a heart attack.  Where's the buckshot when you need it?

Here's a drawing of Mohammed entering the after life, beiing greeted at the gate by Allah himself.  I don't know who drew this, but obviously they are talented.  I think this is my favorite all time drawing of the Prophet Mohammed (MHBIH).

I guess you could say it is quite "prophetic."  Ouch.

And finally, a new idea for "The Seal of the Prophets," created just now:

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