Monday, July 07, 2008

2nd French Blog Features Saber Point! Une Vision Neoconservatrice

The French blog Une Vision Neoconservatrice has featured Saber Point today. My circle of French friends is growing and I couldn't be happier. The article is called Le blog de notre ami Stogie : Saber Point.

Right now my wife is watching "An American in Paris," a musical film made some years ago. She is Filipina and for many years I have had to listen to her yak away in another language, unable to understand her. When we were in Paris, I had my first real French conversation with a lovely young woman in a pharmacy, and for the first time, the tables were turned! My wife had to listen to me converse in another tongue without her comprehension. It was delicious!

Thanks to my friends at Une Vision Neoconservatrice -- I am honored.

Here in America we always hear about the French who hate us, but rarely do we hear about the French who love us, and they do exist. There is a French Right, and it is articulate, intelligent, educated and informed. They are our allies. We fight the same battles.

And, they have such great taste in American blogs! :)

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