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Blog Fight! French Right vs. French Left (in English)

My post on "Eva Perron" somewhere below has attracted a fierce debate between the French Right and the French Left, who are arguing in French in the message section. However, the debate is rather interesting and provides insight into the thinking of both sides. I have decided to translate it here.

America Home of the Brave :
Eva is part of the Mitterand generation that refuses to die, even though its history is already past, proving that they can’t offer anything better than failed Socialism. And I am not even talking about the failed Socialism throughout Europe and the rest of the world. By her words, her lies and the terrorist causes she defends, Eva strives for the ruin and destruction of Western Civilization.

My dear Stogie, it is useless to talk to Eva. She represents the worst of France, both politically and morally.

I don’t support terrorism, I am a Gaullist of the left, I oppose the world terrorism of high international finance, the unrestricted trade that is devastating to the people but which has enriched the multinationals and impoverished populations, one example of which is the agriculture of the Southern countries, RUINED, in order to satisfy multinationals of the food industry (agriculture for export instead of feeding families). This ideology is of the devil! De Gaule, the great Charles, distrusted money, this golden calf, this American idolatry of moola! God and dollar? No, you must choose between them, as it is written in the Bible “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.”

It isn’t condescending charity that the world needs (like that my Russian family provided a century ago, EVERYTHING belonged to the community but only the crumbs of this wealth was distributed to the poor), but it is the structure of society that must change, it must become HUMANIST (with emphasis on the word human).

Your society (the jungle, the strong dominate, crushing the weak) is not the one God wants, I have seen a great deal of life in the U.S., I have seen a society in two striking contrasts, one of great wealth and one of great poverty, without social protection, violent etc; my humanist and religious beliefs condemn all that. Your society inevitably leads to the horror film Soylent Green, and to nuclear and biblical apocalypse. I leave you, God bless you, Eva.

America Home of the Brave:
And without this economic freedom, Eva would not know the joys of blogging or the Internet. She would still be engraving in stone, and it would be God’s fault!

It’s obvious that, in the countries who reject economic freedom, there is no hint of an obscene inequality! And what would the great Charles have been without the American economy? Probably nothing, but surely nothing great. This much is certain, that Eva would follow Hitler if he [De Gaulle] did. And on her blog, in place of the diabolical Bush/Hitler theme, there would be something about Herzl/Lenin. It’s all the same, as these totalitarianisms that need to accuse others [of evil] closely resemble each other.

In France, it is necessary to be wary of people who claim to be humanists. They are too often the opposite of what they say that they are. And the true humanist does not need to tell himself how human he is. He testifies to it by the meaning he gives to his life.

The gold Mitterandian rose that Eva wears in her hair isn’t so much humanist as it is Guevarian [Marxist]. It’s not the same thing at all.

I won’t answer you anymore. It’s no use to discuss anything with people like you, extreme, dishonest, fanatical, etc. As for my rose, I have all colors of them. I wear Spanish dress, and when I dance the Flamenco with my Gypsy friends, they have every kind of rose. I am immersed in Spanish culture, and all your beliefs smell bad – your intention to continue idolizing criminal America who sets up dictatorships everywhere, makes wars in order to steal the resources of others; on the one hand, who campaigns against abortion, on the other hand, who kills hundreds of thousands of children (Oil for Food in Iraq, war, etc); who kills hope (Allende), all popular governments, who supports its multinationals, etc; who loves the Golden Calf, etc; this can be discussed with everyone who wrote here, but not with you.


Annika weighs in:
... and Eva also said that America 'killed' hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children through the program of oil for food... (geez, wasn't that the United Nation's program?!). Anti-americanism is alive and well in France; no-matter-what America may do, America is evil by definition. You thought Betancourt's liberation would change those deeply held misconceptions? Mainstream French press utter a word of grace for American and Israeli's contribution? gasp! Instead of thanks, or at least recognition, Europeans are now publishing articles about this whole rescue operation having been a hoax...Annika

America Home of the Brave:
Eva speaking about fanaticism -- it's as if “the hospital made fun of charity," to use a very French expression. [Stogie: the appropriate English expression might be “the pot calling the kettle black.”]

I am happy to see what is happening on the blog of my friend Stogie. To all my American friends, see what we must put up with in France. An insane anti-Americanism, nourished on conspiracist banality, Marxism and other mental delusions!

When Eva speaks about fanaticism, she is only describing herself. Her blue-collar mindset is narrow-minded and ridiculous. She detests me because she knows that I know well this shameful mentality, which is internalized but not outwardly expressed.

American friends, even though we are not the majority in France, we fight for your values, which are also ours, because they are universal, even though they displease the simple-minded like Eva.

The rose of Mitterrand is decidedly withered and dead! --Nghia NGUYEN

[Stogie's note: Nghia Nguyen of "America, Home of the Brave" (a French blog) is a son of parents who were Vietnamese boat people, who escaped that Communist hell-hole in boats on the open sea. His family came to France where they now live, and Nghia was born in France. If anyone knows the evils of socialism, it is Nghia.]

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