Sunday, July 20, 2008

Atlas Shrugs: Latest Proof of Obama Birth Certificate Forgery

Pam Geller has a fascinating post today on the latest evidence that Obama's Birth Certificate, released by the Daily KOS, is a forgery. A forensic digital media expert, Techdude, provides overwhelming evidence. Read it here.

Someone was very upset with Techdude for analyzing and publishing the results of his investigation. They vandalized his car and left a dead and mutilated rabbit on his front porch.

Obama may very well have been born in Hawaii and may refuse to release his birth certificate for other reasons. It has recently come to light that his parents weren't married and perhaps that fact is indicated on the birth certificate. But this is speculation on my part.

If his parents weren't married, it isn't a reflection on Obama and should not be a source of shame to him nor would it be a legitimate political argument against his candidacy. However, the only way to clear up the question surrounding his birthplace (to be eligible to run for President) is to release his actual, authentic birth certificate. He should do so at once.

THE PROOF OF FORGERY: Techdude points out that the KOS released Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) does not line up when overlayed with a COLB that is known to be genuine. Different fonts are used. When two genuine COLBs are overlayed, they line up perfectly, e.g. the Date of Birth title on one document lines up and perfectly covers the Date of Birth title on the other genuine document. When a genunie COLB is overlayed with the KOS COLB, the titles do not line up -- in fact, you get two of the same title, one above the other. The same is true for Island of Birth and other titles on the documents. I have outlined the pertinent sections of the COLBs in red in the graphic below to help you see the difference.

Techdude also points out that the security border around the peremiter of the KOS COLB is one that is not used by the State of Hawaii. The KOS border is faint and blurry, but a genuine border is laser printed when a genuine COLB is produced by the State of Hawaii, and is sharp and clear. Techdude thinks the blurred one could be due to the use of solvent to erase data from a genunine COLB so that its blank paper could be used for a forged document. The border simply fails to erase completely. Here are two of Techdude's graphics with my comments and red circled areas. Click on the image to see it full size.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think this means much. If I understand correctly you think a COLB from 2007 should exactly match a COLB from 1961???????? It does not strike you as quite possible that in the intervening 46 years they might have changed the font and layout a little bit?