Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pamela Geller, Pastorius & Others on Phoenix Radio Tonight

Pamela Geller, Pastorius, the Gathering Storm, Always on Watch and Cassandra USA will host a broadcast radio show on KFNX, 1100 AM in Phoenix. You can call in at 602-277-KFNX.

You can listen live over the intenet.

I had trouble getting the stream earlier, but it's working now. The bloggers will host a broadcast radio show at 8 PM tonight, PST. Listen online here.

I will add the KFNX link to my radio list in the left sidebar.

UPDATE: I am listening to the show and it is coming in very clear. Online transmissions of radio programs are actually clearer and better than actual radio -- there is no static.

Pamela is in rare form. The show is lively and enthusiastic.

UPDATE: I called into the show and asked Pamela about what she will be doing as an official blogger at the Republican National Convention. She gave a great answer.

PODCAST HERE Download 1st_show_17_July.mp3 - listen to tonight's debut show and my clever questions and repartee (not).

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