Sunday, July 06, 2008

Colombian Rescue: Leftist Rumor Mongering Right on Cue

Exactly as Le Blog Drzz predicted, leftists claims that the Colombian rescue mission was "staged" are right on cue.

The U.K. Mail Online headline for Monday, July 7 screams:

Freed hostage Betancourt returns to France amid claims Colombian rebels were paid a £10 million ransom

At the Puffington Ho, one reader noted that McCain was present in Colombia at the time the raid was carried out. "This has 'staged' written all over it," she said.

An MSNBC spokesman wondered on TV if "the Colombian hostage rescue was a ruse by McCain." See video clip at this link.

It's interesting how good news is bad for Democratic and leftist politicians, so they have to suppress it or at least color it with doubt and suspicion. If good news is bad for your party, maybe you're in the wrong party. If your political success relies so heavily on propaganda, what does that say about your politics? Think about it kids.

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