Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Barking Moonbats of Europe

Yesterday Miguel Garrote of Le Blog Drzz reprinted an article from a Swiss weekly that is published in French. The article was crazy, as in barking moon-bat crazy. It implied that the rooftops of America are swarming with trigger-happy assassins waiting to kill Barack Obama; that American society has its dark and sinister element, the same hidden cabal of conspirators who staged the inside job called 9/11, assassinated President Kennedy, and did who-knows-what-else? Miguel, a responsible journalist, was aghast and found the article totally loony. He reproduced the article on his blog as an illustration of the left's increasingly slippery grasp on reality.

But then he began to hear from the barking moonbats of France, namely, one Eva (Le Blog D'Eva), a French conspiracy peddler with a rose in her hair (Why not her teeth? Why not with castanets?) Eva, who seems to think she is the reincarnation of Eva Peron, said she reprinted the article on her blog too, but with the title, "Hooray for the Swiss!" (for printing such trash).

Eva then went on to explain that the recent military operation by Colombia to free hostages held by the Communist FARC rebels was all staged. She insists that Colombia actually paid FARC many millions of dollars to free the hostages, and all the Colombian military did was go and pick them up.

So now we have a new moonbat theory, to go along with the "controlled demolition" of WTC 7, the moon landings that were actually staged in the Arizona desert, and the Airforce shoot-down of the benevolent aliens in Roswell, New Mexico who were only trying to bring us a cure for cancer while establishing world peace.

The barking moonbats of the Far Left never need worry about their lot in life. They can change their reality at will, inventing a new one in the face of emerging events.

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