Friday, July 04, 2008

Jesse Helms Dies, Is Slimed by the Media One Last Time

I have always been tormented by the great metaphysical questions. For example, is there sex after death? How about cigars? Can I trade in my heavenly harp for a bass guitar? Now I have a new question: does media bias continue after death?

Jesse Helms, former Republican Senator from North Carolina could answer that last one, and it is YES, definitely.

Jess Helms died today at age 86. Here's how MSNBC described him:
The blunt-talking Helms was known as "Senator No" for opposing just about
anything that obstructed his conservative view of the world.
The meaning is purposely ambiguous and pejorative, to imply, of course, that Helms was narrow-minded and selfish, saying "No" to progress. There are lots of things I would say "no" to: No to illegal immigration, no to socialized medicine, no to the global warming hoax, no to Marxism, no to appeasement, no to anti-Semitism. And definitely no to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party who represent all of the above.

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