Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Offshore Oil Rigs Good for the Environment

This morning on KSFO Radio, Brian Sussman interviewed Humberto Fontova, a Cuban emigre who now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. Fontova is a fishing and skin diving enthusiast. According to Fontova, the oil platforms off Louisiana don't harm the environment, they actually have improved it.

The oil platforms serve as artificial reefs for marine life, and as a consequence fishing there has greatly improved as the fish have proliferated and their numbers grown.

Fontova says he regularly hitches his boat to oil platforms so he can fish near the rigs.

A Marine Biologist from California called into Sean Hannity's show today and said the same thing about the oil platforms off of Santa Barbara. The rock fish there have also greatly proliferated due to the presence of the platforms, and the rigs also help prevent natural oil seepage onto beaches by relieving pressure from the oil dome beneath the seabed.

Want to help the environment? Support offshore oil drilling!

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