Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally Was Huge

American Power has some excellent photos of Glenn Beck's rally in Washington this week.  See them in the post  "By Any Measure, Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally Was Huge."

The crowds there were impressive.  Here's one example from Donald Douglas's post:


Stogie said...

Too bad it was held at the cursed temple of King Abraham, which all but destroys the integrity of the whole gathering in my view.  Abraham Lincoln is the polar opposite of honourable.  Also too bad the mobs of people got to lap up more garbage about the Lincoln legend from the likes of Sarah Palin. 

Until many more Americans reject the Yankee myth of history, and stop falling for the fearmongering that perpetuates the never-ending wars in the Middle-East and continuous erosion of civil liberties, there won't be any real change in these "united" States on a major scale.  To me, this rally was little more than a big Leviathan-loving neo-con shindig.

95% of these people will go to the polls and vote Republican in November, which will accomplish very little just like it has always done in the past. 

Stogie said...

every democrat sent packing will be accomplishment enough

Stogie said...

Jared, I don't think it is fear-mongering that fuels wars in the Middle East.  It is Islam and its desire to rule the world under Sharia law.  

Yes, I too was put off by the selection of the Lincoln Memorial, and I didn't identify much with the rally.  Lots of patriotic slogans and rah-rah and little substance.  However, it's good to see so many people intent on saving the country from socialism.  

Republicans are far from acceptable, but they'll do until we come up with something better.

manii said...

excuse me, haven't you heard how the people in Burma were burnt to ashes. they were burnt when they were inside the mosque. what abut that? muslims aren't terrorist. there is a secret socity of freemasions and illuminati that suport so called people in afghanistan who dress like muslims but they arent. kindly go to google and read about it. how the muslims are killed in palestiane burma burned to ashes in kashmir. hope that will clear your mind regarding muslims.

Stogie Chomper said...

Not really, Manii. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but enough of them are that we should avoid them. Their religion is a terrorist religion and requires its followers to kill "infidels," especially Jews.