Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Jobless Millions" Give Up on the American Dream

The U.K. Guardian has another depressing article on the semi-permanency of our huge jobless problem.  The article is titled "Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many."  It says:
The headline jobless figure of 9.5% is bad enough but does not begin to convey the problem as it fails to measure those who have stopped looking for work. Over the past three months alone more than a million Americans have fallen into that category: effectively giving up hope of finding a job and dropping out of the official statistics. Such cases now number some 5.9 million and their ranks are likely to grow as millions more find their jobless status becoming a permanent state of hopelessness. Surveys show that with each passing week on the dole their chances of finding a job get slimmer.
Last week there was a similar cheery article from the New York Times.  It was called "Jobless and Staying That Way."

I have a feeling that, come November, there will be even more unemployed:  Democrat senators and congressmen.  I am polishing up my boots to a high sheen, all ready to kick their rotten asses OUT.


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