Saturday, August 21, 2010

Playing Music for the Vets in Livermore, California

My band played for the vets at the V.A. hospital today in Livermore, California.

These events generally set up tables under awnings and serve food and entertainment to vets, many of whom are patients.  There are a lot of vets in wheelchairs, some missing limbs.  Some vets are honored for various things, like having been a POW in World War II or Korea.  Today they honored a 90 year old vet who served as an engineer in World War II, building roads and airstrips on the islands leading to Japan, including Saipan.  He signed up right after Pearl Harbor was attacked.  We all applauded him vigorously.

I had not been to Livermore previously, but did not have a good mental image of it. It just didn't leave a good taste. What kind of town would name itself after liver?  Why not Hamhocks-more, or Salami-more?  Or Tri-tip-more?  However, I was surprised to see how green and rural Livermore is, and how beautiful.  There were vineyards everywhere.

The Veterans Administration hospital there has a lot of acreage, and an ancient looking white building is the hospital.  It reminded me of the Alamo, only a lot bigger.  Spanish architecture, I guess.  The grounds were like a large park, a wonderful place for walking or picnics.  There were flocks of wild turkeys roaming the grounds.  At first I thought they must be peacocks, but they looked too fat and edible to be peacocks.  Then someone told me they are wild turkeys and wander about unmolested.

In the chow line, I noticed a sign by the sidewalk that said "DO NOT FEED THE TURKEYS."

However, they fed me anyway.  It was much appreciated.


Stogie said...

Thank you for brightening the day for our vets.

I first visited Livermore when I was 13 years old.  My aunt and uncle, who was with the Germain Seed Company at that time and first president of the Creation Research Society<span>  </span> (  lived there before moving to Watsonville (another pretty area)

I always thought it was quite lovely with good access to San Francisco.

Stogie said...

Adrienne, I live near Watsonville.  Yes, it is a pretty area.  Livermore would be a nice to live, if it weren't in California! :)