Monday, August 30, 2010

Time Magazine's Strange Islamic Graphic

Time's Graphic:  an Islamic Mosque

The graphic on the right appeared on the final page of the August 30, 2010 print-edition of Time Magazine, attached to the article "Sacred Spaces" by Nancy Gibbs.  It appears to be a depiction of a mosque at night.  The crescent moon and single bright star in the sky tell us that this is definitely representative of Islam.

However, if you turn the graphic upside down (see bottom image), you can see an image of the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center in New York, the site of the Islamic attack nine years ago.

I find the graphic vaguely offensive.  If it were in any other magazine but liberal Time, I might consider it a clever piece of art:  tying the World Trade Center tragedy together with its root cause, Islam.

Time's Graphic Upside Down:  The Twin Towers
What do you think?

Hat tip:  Always on Watch


Stogie said...

This is interesting and rather disturbing

Stogie said...

Yeah.  Just what is the artist trying to say?

Anonymous said...

Islam is not the root cause of WTC tragedy, terrorism is. No religion supports or teaches terrorism, they are I believe atheists who are against human lives.

Stogie said...

Anonymous, you embarrass yourself. Islam does indeed teach terrorism. Try reading a book on the subject instead of relying on your own intuition.