Sunday, August 08, 2010

Argentina Boils as Global Warming Strengthens Its Fiery Grip

Oh wait a minute, I got that wrong (AGAIN).  Argentina is colder than Antarctica as the coldest weather in 40 years transforms the country into a huge ice cube.  Read about it here.

Meanwhile, a million fish have been boiled to death in Bolivia, creating an unprecedented ecological disaster. (OH WAIT, I misread the article.  Actually, they froze to death.  Dang, I just can't see to get it right.)

Forgive me, I just love to bait the global warming crowd.  The last time I did it, it resulted in a long debate with Sven.  It's so much fun I can't resist.

Okay, just to be fair, Argentina and Bolivia are in winter when we are in summer.  That's because the earth tilts on its axis,  creating summer for the part of earth leaning towards the sun, and winter for the part leaning away.  The positions are reversed later in the year, putting us in winter while South America is back into summer.  Also, as Sven points out, one cold snap doesn't prove a long term trend, and he's right.  However, the winter temperatures in South America are much more severe than usual.  I can't help but feel that we have entered a cooling period.  (I suspect that a lot of folks in Argentina and Bolivia feel the same way.) This is based solely on my personal observations and is quite subjective.  However, such cooling periods are not rare. The last big cooling period was between 1940 and 1970 and lasted 30 years (duh).

I wouldn't mind if I am wrong and next year it's nice and toasty.  Frankly, I'm tired of freezing my tush off.  Is Global Warming real?  One can only hope.

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