Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vince Guaraldi's Last Gig Site (Butterfield's) Has Been Demolished

Site of Butterfield's Nightclub, in Better Days
The site of Butterfield's nightclub in Menlo Park, California, was the last place Vince Guaraldi played with his trio.  He died in the hotel next door during a set break on February 6, 1976, from an aneurysm near his heart.

I first visited the site on February 6, 2009, on the 33rd anniversay of Vince's death. I commented on the site and took photos of it; see Searching For Answers:  the Death of Vince Guaraldi.

The last time I saw the site was on March 3, 2010, when I noticed the building that was once Butterfield's nightclub had been boarded up.  See my post about it here.

Butterfield's has finally been demolished.  Reader JD works in Menlo Park and has regularly checked the site.  JD writes:
Found your post, "Vince Guaraldi's Last Gig Site (Butterfield's) All Boarded Up." Since I'm in Menlo Park quite a lot, I stopped by Wednesday to see if anything had changed. Oh, it has. Butterfield's is gone. Photo attached.

Had to shoot through the temporary construction fence. Looks like this is pretty fresh demolition, since the heavy gear is still on site.

And so it goes.

Recently Excavated Site Where Butterfield's Once Stood

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