Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Obama's Global-Warming Power Grab Riles Texas

Many have long warned that the Global Warming hoax is a major federal power grab in disguise.  Obama is now using the EPA to create new law without the bother of a Congressional vote.  Texas in particular is affected.  Peggy Venable in the Washington Times says that Texas will fight:
The state's slogan is "Don't mess with Texas." But the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing just that, and at stake is whether the Obama administration can impose its global-warming agenda without a vote of Congress.

President Obama's EPA is already well down the path to regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, something the act was not designed to do. It has a problem, however, because shoehorning greenhouse gases into that 40-year-old law would force churches, schools, warehouses, commercial kitchens and other sources to obtain costly and time-consuming permits. It would grind the economy to a halt, and the likely backlash would doom the whole scheme.
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Stogie said...

This is seen by many here as just an attempt to derail our economy. Texas is still doing fairly well staving off the depression that is gripping most of the nation but we are beginning to feel the effects. This may cause further damage

Stogie said...

Bartender, it seems that Obama won't be happy until everyone is miserable.  I detest the little man.