Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Progressive Pets of the Enemies of Civilization

An excellent post today at Protein Wisdom:  Resisting an Epiphany by the Sanity Inspector (hat tip:  Smitty at The Other McCain):
Americans are a kind, forbearing, humble, welcoming people, lefties’ incessant accusations otherwise notwithstanding. I have never had a negative personal experience with a Muslim and, SFAIK (anonymous internet flammage aside) no Muslim has ever had one with me. I suspect that that is true of most everyone reading this, left or right. In fact, I sometimes have occasion to help Muslims who are new to the area, or to America altogether. They just want to run their convenience stores, parking garages, and halal meat shops, and get on in life, same as everyone else.

And yet the Islamic terrorists, well-trained foreign agent or Sudden Jihad Syndrome flipout, are hiding among them, not us. And the alleged moderate Muslims who run interference for them are quick to scold us for noticing, as are the progressives who tend to make mascots of civilization’s enemies. And every snowflake in an avalanche can plead “who, me?”.

On the ground, under the news radar, most people get along fine much of the time, even in the world’s hot spots. Muslims will even visit Palestinian churches to receive The Virgin’s blessing, I’ve heard. And yet “My biking buddy is a Muslim, therefore Islam is a religion of peace” is as idiotically simplistic a statement as “I get along fine with all the black people at work, therefore there is no more racism in America.” Only difference is that the stakes are far higher with the former delusion.
The writer is warning of the danger of overlooking the Islamic threat, because we all know moderate Muslims.    It is easy to conclude, wrongly, that these moderates are representative of the whole.  The mistake could be fatal, as it has often been in the recent past.

That's all fairly obvious and offers no new insights for me.  What I really got from this article is the author's reference to the Left "making mascots pets of the enemies of civilization."  I would substitute "pets" for "mascots."  Mascots are animals selected as lucky symbols of a sports team; the term pets more accurately describe the Left's relationship with Muslims:

Definition of PET

a : a pampered and usually spoiled childb : a person who is treated with unusual kindness or consideration : darling
: a domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility 

The above definition succinctly describes the Left's passion and protection for, and relationship with, America-hating despots.  Substitute the word "potential terrorist" for animal in #2 above.

Now that really was an epiphany!

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