Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Ascendant Left: Eventually We Will Lose Our Freedoms

There's a disturbing story afoot this week. Geert Wilders, the Dutch Parliamentarian who produced the film "Fitna" is to be prosecuted in the Netherlands for telling the truth about Islam.

Wilders's film juxtaposed recent images of Muslim violence against the West with passages from the Qur'an that permit (and even require) such attacks. But since the truth was "insulting to Muslims" he will be criminally prosecuted and in all probability be imprisoned for it.

The Netherlands is a particularly cowardly nation that is now in the process of committing national suicide by allowing great numbers of Muslim immigrants to move in. Islam is a violent and intolerant culture and many Dutch have moved out of the Netherlands for their own safety. Euro-weenie philosophy seems to hold that, if a group of people hate your guts and want to kill you or conquer you, then you must let millions of them immigrate into your country. If there is any logic in this, I fail to see it.

Liberalism is anti-logic, anti-justice, anti-freedom. It always seeks to protect the violent against the defenseless, the guilty against the innocent and the despots against the democrats. It is a form of self-hatred whose goal is suicide.

This kind of European insanity is what the Democrats want to bring to our country. Eventually, freedom of speech will be sharply curtailed in the service of "multiculturalism." Funny how hatred, violence and intolerance are all protected and well served by an ideology (liberalism) that pretends to support pluralism and tolerance.

In the spirit of pluralism and tolerance, we will allow an intolerant and hateful culture to take root in the West. In the name of freedom, we will end freedom. These are dark days for mankind.

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