Sunday, January 11, 2009

Communists and Islamists: Evil Leading Evil

I stole this photo from Atlas Shrugs and edited it just a bit to make it more accurate. It shows a bunch of Muslims bowing to "Allah" with their butts in the New York City. I guess we are supposed to be either impressed with their piety or intimidated by their presence. My major reaction is one of disgust.

I really don't care what religion people believe in and follow, except when their religious beliefs are harmful to others. Jehovah's Witnesses kill children by refusing them blood transfusions based on a perverted interpretation of scripture. Mormons are really great people in spite of the absurdity of their beliefs about Jesus in America; however, they harm no one so I don't mind.

Muslim beliefs are very harmful. They believe that all Jews must be killed before the judgment day for rejecting Muhammad for the false prophet that he was. They believe all worldy governments must be replaced with Islamic Sharia law, wherein people must be stoned to death for adultery, thieves must have their hands cut off, and those who leave Islam beheaded. It is a brutal religion more suited for 7th century desert bedoin tribes; it has no place in the modern world. Women are considered inferior to men and animals who are slaughtered for food must be killed in a painful way so they will be "halal," the Muslim version of kosher.

Islam was the brainchild of Muhammad, who injected into the religion all of his personal pet peeves, habits and prejudices. In Islam you can't eat pork, no matter how delicious and nutritious it is; you can't own a dog because Muhammad thought them dirty (he may have been allergic to pet dander); and you can't play or listen to music because Muhammad was tone deaf and thought music worthless. Finally, you can't drown your sorrows in wine or beer because Moe outlawed that too. Cigars hadn't been invented yet but we can safely surmise they too would be verboten. Moe just wasn't much of a fun guy.

The overwhelming percentage of violence in the world today is due to Muslims following their religion, which commands them to make war on all non-Muslims until they convert to the faith or, in some cases, accept a form of slavery called dhimmitude. The constant violence, terrorism and murder in Israel is another example. It is the product of Muslims hating Jews, wishing to wipe them out because they follow another religion and because Muhammad hated Jews.

Early on Muhammad went to Jewish leaders and told them he was the last and greatest prophet, and if they looked in their holy scriptures they would find his coming foretold. Perhaps they shouldn't have laughed so hard as it made Muhammad a bit resentful. He hated them for the rest of his life and imparted that everlasting hatred to his minions.

That Muhammad was a patent fraud and his religion thoroughly evil should be obvious, but we will leave the former for a future post. The evil part has already been fully described in this blog in many prior posts.

Today we see the Far Left supporting the Muslim terrorists as if the two were brothers. This is curious, as the Muslims would kill all the Leftists after taking power; they hate Communism because it isn't Sharia and they hate atheists, which is what most Communists are. But for now they are strange bedfellows united in a common hatred of western civilization. Evil is in bed with evil. Let's hope they give each other STD's.

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