Friday, January 02, 2009

Israel Belongs to the Jews: Muslims Must Get Out

If ever there were an unjust cause, it is the cause of Muslims attempting to steal Israel from its rightful owners, the Jews. Back in 1947 when the allied powers ceded a small slice of desert to the Jews, the Jews called the small plot "Israel." They were immediately attacked by the surrounding Muslim countries who quickly got their asses handed to them. In fact, every time the Muslims attacked, Israel only got bigger. After the 1967 war there was a popular saying: "Visit Israel and see the pyramids!"

The Muslims who want to steal the Jewish homeland call themselves "Palestinians." It's an Arabic word for squatters. The Palestinians think they are entitled to the land since their ancestors successfully stole it centuries ago. That's back when Muslim hordes were gobbling up great swaths of land owned by Christians and Jews; they could do this because their big fat prophet told them they could. They should have asked my prophet; he would have flipped them the bird. Yes, you Muslims, my prophet can whip your prophet any day of the week.

Muslims just hate it when land they successfully stole has been taken back. They are still pissed off about Spain, which they like to call "Andalusia." They conquered it and ruled it for a few centuries until the local inhabitants had enough and kicked them out. Islamic conquest is not necessarily a permanent condition. The Greeks also rebelled and threw out their Muslim conquerers. What nerve. Don't they realize that Allah gave their country to the Muslims? Non-Muslims should just shut up and die as they are interfering with Allah's plan.

Sorry Muzzies, but we just don't agree. We think your big fat prophet was a phony and your evil god doesn't even exist. Well maybe, but by his other name, i.e. Lucifer.

Muslims have been attacking other people for centuries and are just outraged when anyone resists. Now they are busily infiltrating and subverting the West, so that we see crowds of idiots in those awful fish hook designs walking around with their heads well wrapped looking as serious as a heart attack and as uncomfortable as a case of hemorrhoids. You see them carrying signs calling the Israelis "murderers" and accusing them of "war crimes." You have to understand the language difference, however. "Murderer" in Arabic means "anyone who resists Islamic aggression" and "war crimes" means "anyone who fights back when Muslims attack."

Of course, there are our usual home-grown morons called Leftists, like International Answer, a communist organization who always supports everything evil and opposes everything good. Which probably explains why they support communism, since it completely eradicates human freedom and prosperity. Now they are supporting the murderous Muslims because, well, because they kill people and conquer people and blow up buildings and busses and pizza parlors and otherwise make nuisances of themselves. Commies like people who share their values. It's understandable, I guess.

Ignore the head-wrapped, fish-hook design-wearing morons with their nasty little signs. It's time we got in their faces and told them the truth: that their crappy religion is an evil joke, that we are not fooled by their lies, that we will never accept head scarfs when baseball caps are available. And as long as they are going to hate Jews, plot to commit terrorist acts and plan to replace democracy with Sharia, they have no place in the West and need to relocate to the desert shit hole of their choice.

While we're on the subject, some other things we need to make clear: Israel belongs to the Jews not the Muslims. Get the hell out of Israel and do it now. After sixty years we hoped you would get the hint by now but some people just aren't sensitive enough to pick up on subtle clues. I guess it's time we were more direct, which probably explains the Israeli troops on the Gaza border.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me sometimes how brainwashed people can be. Where did you get your little facts from?? You're probably an atheist and a tad bit uneducated. Islam is one of the most tolerant and peaceful religions out there. There is no denying there are Muslim extremists, but there are extremists in every religion. You definitely need to brush up on your history, because that brief little hirtory lesson is all wrong. Also, you're mocking and insulting the most beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), you talk about Muslims hating Jews when you show no tolerance of others or respect for their choice of religion. You may not think Islam is a real religion or perhaps it's an "evil joke" but I'm pretty sure if you read about it and researched it instead of just blabbing unture information about it, you'll have a completely different opinion. Billions around the world have chosen Islam as their religion and hundreds become Muslims everyday. You might take some time and consider why that is. As for Palestine and Israel, well, I will just tell you that what you media shows you is 95% untrue, the 5% which is true, that Israeli soldiers are killed, well compared to the millions of Palestinian men, women and childeren they've killed, that's nothing. I suggest you do more extensive research and have proof of what you claim, instead of spreading false information.

Stogie said...

Where did you get your little facts from?? You're probably an atheist and a tad bit uneducated. Islam is one of the most tolerant and peaceful religions out there.

I got my facts from the 17 scholarly books I read on the history, teachings and practices of Islam, including the Hadith and the Koran. I have a BS degree and I am not an atheist. I am amazed at how simultaneously ignorant and arrogant college sophomores (like you) can be. Islam isn't at all tolerant, it is the world's most intolerant religion, having murdered around 270 million people since its inception.

Muhammad may be "a beloved prophet" to Muslims, but history shows that he was actually a fraud, a warlord, bandit, rapist, pedophile, thief and mass murderer. Billions have not "chosen" Islam as their religion, if they live in an Islamic country that religion is forced on them from birth, with a death sentence for those who choose a different religion. It is called "the religion of the sword" for good reason.

Israeli soldiers have not killed "millions" of Palestinians. Don't be so presumptuous to speak to me about "spreading false information" when it is obvious that you are profoundly ignorant of the subject.