Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mormonism: The True Religion of Muhammad

Muhammad was actually a Mormon. Mormonism was the way of life for Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Joeseph Smith. Muhammad has merely been misinterpreted by so many when all he actually wanted was for young men to put on suits and ride bicycles from door to door proselytizing people to become Mormons, have picnics and folksy sing-alongs with acoustic guitars. That, and tithing and visiting the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City and taking classes at Brigham Young University and passing out copies of the book of Mormon to everyone who wants one.

WHAT?? you say. That's absurd! That's ridiculous! There is no connection between Joseph Smith and Muhammad. Well, would you believe Muhammad and Harry Reed? How about Muhammad and the Easter Bunny? No?

The foregoing demonstration in madness had a purpose. It was just to illustrate the absurdity of CAIR's recent advertising campaign to make Islam respectable. In Broward County, Florida, CAIR has spent $60,000 on an ad campaign on city buses. The ad reads: "ISLAM: The Way of Life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad." The obnoxious and false message is now the target of protests in Broward County among Christians and Jews who want the ads taken down.

Muslims like to believe that Muhammad was just the final prophet in a long line of Jewish prophets and the Christian "prophet" Jesus. Muhammad, they claim was the final prophet, and his Sharia law the ultimate and final arrangement between God and man. Muslims also believe that the Jewish and Christian scriptures foretold the coming of Muhammad, but jealous Jewish and Christian religious leaders removed these scriptures from their religious texts so no one would know. However, the claim is specious and easily refuted. Ancient Jewish and Christian religious texts, as well as thousands of scraps of such texts, have been found in many places over the centuries. Many of them predate the time of Muhammad. None of them talk about Muhammad because, well to put it delicately, Muhammad was a fraud and a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur.

What the ancient texts do show is that they have been handed down to modern times intact and unchanged. They never mention Muhammad. Muhammad was never a Christian or a Jew.

The Hebrew scriptures were written by many men over many centuries, creating an ancient religion with well established doctrines and dogmas on man's relationship with God. None of the religious practices so well established over the centuries bore any resemblance to Muhammad's barbarian ideology. One of the key facts that make it obvious that Islam is a false religion is that it suddenly deviates sharply away from the religious teachings of the Jews and Christians.

If we are to believe the Muslim account of God establishing divine law on earth, we must believe that, after centuries of developing a religion for man with its rules and laws and traditions, God threw the whole thing out and, in one fell swoop, created a brand new religion out of thin air, namely Islam. The Ten Commandments, the Torah, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, all swept away to be replaced by Islamic Sharia law, a religion that makes women one-half the worth of men, requires believers to make eternal war on the rest of mankind, and to pray to God with memorized prayers in Arabic five times a day, facing east with one's buttocks lifted high in the air. There are other rules besides these of course, like washing the devil out of your nostrils with water in the morning and using the correct number of stones for wiping your butt. However, those too were unheard of by Jews and Christians.

There is no obvious continuation or segue of Judaism into Christianity into Islam. Islam is not the fruition or blossoming of the former, it is merely an abrupt, illogical replacement. For Islam to be true God would have to be schizophrenic.

No, Islam was not the "way of life for Abraham, Moses and Jesus." Islam was a massive fraud perpetrated by a 7th century scoundrel, an illiterate desert bandit whose life was one long frenzy of looting, robbery, rape and murder. Cair's ridiculous ad is truly well as false.

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