Sunday, January 04, 2009

Zionism is Enlightenment; Islam is Darkness

Leftists and their new beotches, Muslims, have been stinking up major cities around the world this week. They are marching with their ugly scarfs and hateful signs and calling for the death of the Jews. Reportedly this ugly combination of totalitarian ideologies has been the most violent and hateful yet. Pro-Israel demonstrators have been violently attacked, both in San Francisco and New York. Fortunately, they were saved by the police in both cases.

This is good. Let these extremists show their true face to the world. Let them clearly exhibit the characteristics that make them undesirable as immigrants to the West: they are racist as hell, intolerant as hell, and totally loyal to terrorist movements like Hamas. They are not loyal to their host countries and see them as merely something to exploit in what Spencer has called "Stealth Jihad."

Kick them out, all of them, and do it now.

I am also sick of the leftist scum who support those who would destroy our democratic republic. There are certain truths that need to be emphasized in the here and now:

1. Zionism, the return of the Jews to their traditional homeland, i.e. Israel, is an enlightened solution to the anti-semitism that killed millions of them a few decades back. Zionism is enlightenment; those who oppose it are anti-semitic human anuses, to be profoundly ignored.

2. Israel is a model of a modern, pluralistic, democratic state that has taken the desert waste and turned it into a vibrant, green and prosperous country. The surrounding Muslim countries continue to be barren wastes, perhaps matching the minds and religion of their inhabitants. The loss of Israel would be a terrible blow to the civilized world. The loss of any of the Muslim countries would not even be noticed. They produce nothing of value.

3. Capitalism is a positive good for all mankind and is to be preserved at all costs. There is no human liberty without economic liberty. Further, Capitalism produces the greatest economic good for the greatest number in any society; those who live under it enjoy a much higher standard of living than those who do not. Communism, as preached by International Answer, is one of the worst tyrannies ever to oppress the mind of man. It not only destroys all human freedom, but also all human prosperity, reducing societies to poverty and famine. Anyone who even advocates this evil system should be stood against a wall, given a last cigarette (preferably one high in tar) and a blindfold and summarily shot, preferably by NRA members in Sarah Palin T shirts, using unregistered Saturday Night specials that they bought at gun shows.

Okay, that last sentence was satire and not to be taken literally. But I meant everything else.

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