Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Islam is Fascism, Liberals Are Lunatics

Another idiocy currently being posited by the Lunatic Left is that "the Star of David = Swastika." Here you have a situation where one group, the "Palestinians" want to kill all the Jews, drive them into the sea, and take their homeland. To do this they refuse all reasonable offers and concessions and refuse to negotiate because, well dead Jews is the goal, not living beside them in peace. To further their aims they continually bomb busses, restaurants, pizza parlors, kidnap Jews and murder them (usually after protracted torture), fire rockets into Jewish towns and cities and generally act like Nazis.

The Jews FINALLY fight back to preserve their own lives and property and the Left throughout the Western world joins in a unanimous shout that JEWS ARE NAZIS! The constant murder and mayhem and unrelenting hatred and crimes against humanity that the "Palestinians" produce are completely overlooked. I long ago became convinced that liberalism is a form of anti-logic and anti-morality, and like anti-matter colliding with matter, it reacts violently with logic and morality. Yes, liberalism opposes anything and anyone who is good, moral, decent and right. Liberalism is, and I say this in all seriousness, a form of mental illness.

So in honor of the lunacy of liberalism, I have created yet another graphic that both rebuts their assertions about the Nazism of Jews and proclaims the truth for all the world to see, that Islam is Nazi and the Crescent Moon Equals Swastika.

This is more than just a ridiculous insult like those the libs and their "Pals" propagate, as it has a basis in historical fact. Muslims, like Nazis, hate Jews and want them wiped from the face of the earth. Muslims supported the Nazis during World War II and revered and continue to revere, Adolph Hitler. Muslims provided to the Nazi Army a battalion of Bosnian Muslims to serve as SS troops during World War II. And finally, Hitler's screed "Mein Kampf" continues to be a best seller in the Muslim world to this day.

Crescent Moon = Swastika. Now there's an algebraic formula that actually adds up.

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