Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kate From France: Un Coup de Gueule!

My friend Kate in France regularly reads this blog using the language translator in the top left sidebar. Kate is a pro-American conservative French woman, a wife and mother on the Cote d'Azur. One of her recent comments to one of my posts (see the purple Brain-Eating Zombie from Outer Space post) was so heart-felt that I decided to translate it and post it for everyone to read.

Kate writes:

Diversity...multiculturalism...miscegenation...! In France, N. Sarkosy and his policies speak only of that, Stogie. I no longer recognize my country, it's terrible! We are flooded by immigration, our policies want us to renounce our culture and even our identity! Immigrants have more rights and even more privileges than those of us born French! Insecurity is widespread and when I speak with other parents, we are all worried for our children whether small or big, even in school where professors are regularly attacked with knives or fists.

I would be the first to take to the streets if it were necessary, but no one will budge! There are around 2,000 mosques in France, Stogie. I don't think the Americans would put up with that!

Long comment, Stogie, but with all the cowardice concerning our Israeli friends, it all becomes unbearable!

Kate's original message is below.

diversité...multiculturalisme...métissage ....! en France , N.Sarkosy et ses politiques ne parlent que de cela Stogie !je ne reconnais plus mon pays , c'est terrible !nous sommes submergés par l'immigration ,nos politiques veulent nous faire renoncer à notre culture , et meme notre identité ! les immigrants ont plus de droits et sont meme plus favorisés que les Français de souche ! l'insécurité est partout et quand je parle avec d'autres parents , nous sommes tous inquiets pour nos enfants petits ou grands , meme dans les écoles les professeurs se font régulièrement attaquer au couteau , ou frapper !Je serais la première à manifester dans les rues s'il le fallait , mais personne ne bouge ! il y a près de 2OOO mosquées en France Stogie !je ne pense pas que les Américains supporteraient cela ! long comment Stogie mais avec en plus la lacheté actuelle vis à vis de nos amis Israeliens ,tout cela est inssuportable !

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