Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Victory of Hope Over Fear (Gag)

Liberal schmos have been calling Barack Obama's election as "a victory of hope over fear." Hope is so much nicer than fear. Republicans believe in fear, Democrats believe in hope.

To illustrate the Dems' morally superior philosophy ("hope over fear") we need a simple illustration. A Republican wouldn't walk across a crowded freeway blindfolded, because of his morally inferior "fear." However, a Democrat might do it because he has "hope" that he will make it to the other side. If he makes it, he can say it was a "victory of hope over fear."

"Victory of hope over fear" is an asinine, pollyanna cliche that is meaningless. Both hope and fear are necessary for survival. You may fear getting hit by a car while crossing a freeway, but you hope you won't. In any case, both can be motivators for planning and execution so the best result can be obtained.

I still believe that Obama's election was a victory of hope over common sense. Fear had nothing to do with it.

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