Monday, January 12, 2009


I get so sick of all the leftwing geckos scurrying about, tongues darting, eyes rolling, repeating the same inane leftist slogans over and over. One of them is "End the Occupation!" They are referring to Israel existing in its traditional homeland. They didn't "occupy" anything, they already owned it. Leftists, though, figured out that the civilized and productive society was called "Israel" and the barbarian, savage hordes who strap bombs on children so they can murder lots of strangers are called "Palestinians." Needless to say the Left immediately went ga-ga over the Palestinians and began denouncing Jews.

Hey, no brainer there. Any self-respecting leftist knows who to side with, the ones who murder strangers....and genitally mutilate women, hang gays, stone fornicators, dismember petty thieves, and generally engage in anti-social behavior. So the libs shout "End the Occupation!" which means, "we want more Muslim terrorists and bomb-throwing psychopaths in headscarfs and fewer Nobel Prize winning physicists, surgeons, economists, inventors, capitalists and various other assorted geniuses!"

Libbies know what their values are: in a choice between god-awful and swell, choose god-awful. I have no doubt that if offered a choice between dog barf and ice cream, most liberals would choose dog barf. They are just programmed that way, i.e. to self-destruct. They don't even need to strap on any explosive vests. They have something much more dangerous, i.e. their political philosophy.

When countering leftist thought, I think we have to think outside the box here. Obviously, what the Middle East needs desperately is more Jews, not less, and a lot more Israel and a lot less Iran and Syria. All of those mosques would make nice synagogues with a little remodeling and delousing. Remove the quarter moons (they should be reserved for the doors of outhouses anyway) and replace them with menorahs and hang out a sign that says "Under New Management."

Clearly, we must insist on expanding the occupation, not ending it. Because expanding the Jewish occupation of the Middle East is to expand modernity, reason, enlightenment, progress, tolerance and prosperity. What's not to like, unless you're allergic to bagels?

So here's the plan: we must have massive demonstrations across Europe and the USA, carrying signs that boldly demand EXPAND THE OCCUPATION NOW! Muslims OUT of Iran and Syria. (Muslims in other places will be considered on a case-by-case basis.) Since lefties like to wear those ugly Muslim scarfs ("keffiyehs" or something equally unpronounceable), we must all wear black fedoras and yarmalukes while demonstrating. Skull caps will be an acceptable alternative to fedoras. Beards are optional.

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