Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leftist Blogger "Ass-munch" is Just Plain Nuts

In response to my last post, the world's most obnoxious and irrelevant blogger, "Ass-Munch" trashes me good. He says I'm a crybaby because I recommend nullifying federal laws that are unconstitutional. I am just so put-down I may never recover. Imagine, being dissed by such a classy intellectual as this. Normally, one would have to go to a bowling alley to meet someone so deep and refined.

Ass-munch (not his real identity) is so over the top that he totally fails to offend. One may find the stench of a skunk offensive and to be avoided, but he doesn't get mad at the skunk. The skunk is just being what he is. So is Ass-munch.

Ass-munch is more like a fart in an elevator, unpleasant but nothing to get yourself worked up over.

Give me your best shot, Ass-munch. Yawn.

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