Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CUANAS back in full operation - Howling Wolf Background Restored

Pastorius writes for Infidel Bloggers Alliance as well as the Astute Bloggers.  He also has a personal blog, CUANAS.  Cuanas has always impressed me with it appearance, which features a howling woof in the woods with sunlight sparkling through the branches.  The image is a deep blue and is lovely and serene.

To have a blog background like this you must put the background photo on a server site like Photobucket, Flick'r or Zoomer.  Then you adjust the html code of your blog to go get the picture and display it in your background, underneath your text.  Pas used Photobucket for this purpose.

Pas (as I like to call him) was screwed over by Photobucket a month or so back, when another of their unknown rules popped up to disable his account.  If you don't access it for 90 days, it goes inactive and you can only reactivate it by...paying their fee and converting to a full subscription (another questionable business tactic, in my opinion).  So Pas's lovely howling wolf background was replaced by a small icon saying "Inactive for 90 Days."  Now his blog was almost unreadable as the white text needed for the graphic was over a white background.

Pas told me about it.  I was able to find the original graphic and html code for this blog template.  Pas gave me temporary access to his blog and I was able to restore the Howling Wolf graphic in about five minutes.

Take a look.  Ain't it purty?

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