Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama's Plans to Impoverish Americans

I heard a discussion on KSFO radio today coming back from work.  It seems that Obama wants to cede our sovereignty to an international government that will oversee mass transfers of wealth from the producing nations to impoverished third world countries.  The alleged reason for this is to "fight global warming."  The theory goes that since the producing nations (the ones that create wealth through work and investment) have a much higher carbon footprint than the Third World, so owe the Third World big time for ruining the planet.  When this happens, of course, western jobs will disappear by the millions, investment will slow if not cease, and we will become a Third World country ourselves.  We are going to "share the poverty," all in the name of mythical climate change, world government and socialism for all.

Take onto that cap and trade, higher energy costs, higher income taxes and a federal VAT (value added tax, a kind of sales tax), we will soon enjoy a lifestyle similar to the citizens of Cuba, Haiti or Angola.

The KSFO speakers say this is by design, and they quote Obama as saying that great poverty opens the door for sweeping changes in a society.  Obama has plans to make those changes in our society, making us into a far left, impoverished and socialist tyranny.  Well that sounds like some sort of conspiracy theory to me, but even if he doesn't have such plans, what would he be doing different if he did?  Not much, I'd say.

A couple of months back I read the anti-Global Warming book, "Green Hell," which tells what the radical environmentalists want to do to us.  Basically, the same thing:  impoverish us by design.  You see, poor people don't make much carbon.  Many of their plans seek to save the environment by suppressing population growth.  They advocate closing dams and cutting off water supplies (to places like the Fresno area) so less food will be produced.  Less food, fewer jobs, less water equals less people.  And people are the curse of the Goddess Gaia (aka Earth), who would be so much better off without them.  Hey, if you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs.

Someone call me when the revolution starts.  I'll be ready.

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