Wednesday, October 28, 2009

France Grows a Pair: Burqas, Illegal Muslim Immigrants Not Welcome

According to the UK Mail Online, France appears to be waking up to its internal Islamic threat.  Burqas are banned and Illegal Muslim immigrants are being deported by the thousands.  Further, France is taking steps to preserve its language and culture in the face of Muslim immigration into the West.
France is to adopt a series of measures to 'reaffirm pride' in the country and combat Islamic fundamentalism.
They include everybody receiving lessons in the nation's Christian history and children singing the national anthem.
Using words which infuriated ethnic minority groups and Socialist opponents, immigration minister Eric Besson also said he wanted 'foreigners to speak better French'.
Mr Besson defended a decision to send illegal Afghan immigrants - all of them Muslim - back to Kabul on charter flights organised in conjunction with the British government last week, saying there would be many more.  
More than 21,000 people have been deported from France this year - with 27,000 the ultimate target, said Mr Besson.
He also reignited the debate about face and body-covering Muslim veils, saying they should definitely be banned.
'For me, there should be no burqas on the street,' said Mr Besson. 'The burqa is against national values - an affront to women's rights and equality.'
Some aspects of the France we used to know and love are reappearing. It is a good sign.

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Hat tip:  Atlas Shrugs

Update:  I did this Photoshop today, showing the Mona Lisa on the left, and the Mona Lisa after Europe is fully Islamicized on the right.  However, that really isn't accurate.  If Islam ever gains control of Europe, there will be no art like the Mona Lisa.  Islam forbids drawing or painting people as they consider it a form of idolatry.  The Mona Lisa's likely fate would be the fire, along with most of the other paintings and sculptures in the Louvre.  When you consider that a lot of this art is of women, some nude, the fate of this art would appear certain under Islam.

Imagine a France with no Louvre, no art, no Mona Lisa, no wine, no music, no Poodles or cats or other pets.  Are you starting to get the picture?  That's Islam.

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