Friday, October 02, 2009

People's Cube Copies Saber Point Graphic

I just learned that the People's Cube copied one of my graphics.  I was spoofing Newsweek's September edition in which they asked:  "Is Your Baby Racist?"  My original post can be viewed here.

Apparently the People's Cube saw mine and made one of their own.  Some attribution would have been nice, guys.  Or at the very least, you could have used a dog rather than copying my cat theme.

Not only did the People's Cube copy my graphic, they used a cat from a site linked to by one of my readers, i.e. a site for "Kitlers," or cats "who look like Hitler."  See  my original post linked above to follow the link.

Here is mine:

Oh well. As the old saying goes, "Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery."

Here's the one from People's Cube:


Always On Watch said...

Hey, Stogie.

That cat in the first graphic looks a great deal like Cameo.

Voyeurism Sucks said...

Black people look like cats, some call them the lion people. They do indeed have reason to be a bit prejudice.