Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Robert Stacy McCain: Possible Libel Lawsuit Against Brit Journalist Nigel Horne

By L word, I mean "lawsuit," as in "lawsuit for slander."  Nigel Horne, some little-known British journalist, has attempted to smear Sarah Palin and Lynn Vincent by the latter's professional association with Robert Stacy McCain, "a well-known white supremacist."

Specifically, Horne wrote:
For the past 10 years, [Lynn] Vincent has been working for the Christian-based World magazine, from which she took time off to work on Palin's book. She is a creationist and strongly anti-abortion, the subject of many of her World columns.

She is also staunchly anti-gay, backing the controversial vote to re-criminalise gay marriage in California, and - this is where Palin and her publishers might have drawn the line, but didn't - she is closely associated with a well-known white supremacist.
To which R.S. McCain replied:
While I am not litigious by nature -- my views being rather Jacksonian in that regard -- perhaps Governor Palin, Mrs. Vincent and their publishers have different views. It is my understanding that British libel law is far more inclined toward the plaintiffs than is true here in the United States, especially for "public figures" as covered under the U.S. Sullivan precedent.
Should Mrs. Vincent retain the services of a British attorney, I suspect that your publisher would be advised to settle the suit at any sum asked, as it would be quite impossible to prove that Mrs. Vincent is "closely associated with a well-known white supremacist," which I most assuredly am not, no matter what any particular idiot has published to that effect or how often it has been repeated.
Read it all here.

This is a classical example of the well-practiced, leftwing smear strategy.  Taint someone's reputation by a constantly repeated slander, then use that person's unjust taint to create "guilt by association" for anyone who works with him.

It doesn't matter how false or unfair the slander -- once it has been repeated ad infinitum in conversations, articles, blog posts and television commentary, the slander becomes fixed as irrevocable truth in the minds of many.  The greater majority, who do not know if the rumors are true or false, will generally opt to err on the side of caution, i.e., to give the tainted individual a wide berth, rendering him both radioactive and ineffective.

The repugnant Southern Poverty Law Center has done its work for the left, and done it well.  However, don't underestimate Stacy McCain and never count him out!

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