Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fox News to be Fined $30 Million for Criticizing Obama? Story Appears False.

Here's a story allegedly from the Huffington Post, via Right Handed Pitcher.  However, I have doubts as to the story's accuracy and authenticity.  The link supplied to the Huffington Post didn't work.
In a press release given to the Huffington Post and other press outlets this morning [October 20], White House Communications Director Anita Dunn stated that the Federal Communications Commission was asked to fine the FOX Corporation for violations of the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005. This came after repeated racist and derogatory attacks made on FOXNews over the last two years.
In accordance with the 2005 law, every time the network featured a "particularly offensive" or "flagrantly untruthful" segment, a fine is levied. White House officials estimate the 2008-2009 fine to be nearing $29 million.
I can find no other news stories that corroborate the above tale so I conclude that the story is false.   Don't repeat it as factual unless someone can produce credible proof.  This could be a false story planted for political mischief.

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