Sunday, October 11, 2009

Freezing To Death in California

The coolest summer in my memory has given rise to the coldest fall.  It's 52 degrees in my small town today.  I have replaced my light summer blanket with a thicker and warmer one.

Blogmocracy has a relevant post today, "Whatever Happened to Global Warming?"  (see the original British article here).  The article says that global temperatures and ocean temperature are correlated, and currently the Pacific Ocean is going through a 30 year cooling cycle.  The sun is also in a  period of low sunspot activity and some scientists are predicting another "little ice age."  Never fear, AGW (anthropomorphic global warming) fans -- AGW scientists say that, in spite of these cooling factors, global warming will take off like blazes in the next five years or so and our planet will quickly resemble Mercury.

I enjoy the coldness.  I started wearing my Uggs yesterday, my fleece-lined boots for winter wear.  It's sweaters and sweatshirts from hereon til spring.

I know that 52 degrees is considered toasty-warm in the midwest and parts of the east coat, but this if friggin' California, land of moderate temperatures, high taxes and state bankruptcy.

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