Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Purge Newt!

Newt Gingrich didn't have much credibility with me after I learned he believes in man made global warming.  Now the old Republican retread is denouncing the Party's base by endorsing a leftist for NY 23rd, one Dede Scozzafava; he has called conservative opposition to Scozzafava as "a purge" of the GOP that will return Obama to the White House for a second term.

However, for the second day in a row, polls show the Conservative Party challenger, Doug Hoffman, leading both the Democrat and the Rino in voter popularity.  Hoffman is over the Democrat by 5% and runs ahead of Rino Scozzafava by 20%.  It looks like Newt's endorsement has done little but embarrass him.

One thing the GOP's Good Ole Boy Club had better learn fast, is that we, the base, aren't going to put up with them anymore.  For years we have had to hold our noses and vote for some Rino like John McCain because there wasn't anyone better on the ballot.  Our choices on the Road to Serfdom consisted of the Democrat shortcut down Socialism Avenue, or the Republican scenic route through Big Government Park.  We would arrive at the same place (Red Square), but the Republicans would get us there more slowly.

No more.   NO MORE RINOS is our slogan and our battle cry.  We must continue to purge the false leaders and appeasers, the Quislings and the Vichy collaborators.  A liberal with an R after his name is a liberal still.  The GOP is not an end in itself but the means to an end:  more individual freedom, less taxes, less government.  

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