Friday, October 09, 2009

Pernicious Troll Continues to Beg for Attention, Doesn't Get Any Here

J.S. Kit has purchased Haloscan and are taking their sweet time about migrating us Haloscan users into the JS-Kit system.  When they finally get around to it, I will be able to stop trackbacks and links from an obnoxious troll.  Of all the kooks on the left, this perpetual adolescent is one of the most obnoxious and his posts are little more than hate-filled rants.  His comments about me are foam-flecked with personal hatred; he's a very sick puppy.  I don't hate him, anymore than I would hate a cockroach.  He's not worth the energy.

He operates behind a Tor server, meaning he can't be completely banned by Haloscan, though he will be when it is migrated to JS-Kit, hopefully sometime in our lifetime.  A Tor server quite effectively hides his IP address by substituting fake IP addresses for every one of his comments, emails and trackbacks.  Perhaps, when he isn't making a fool of himself as a blogger, he uses the Tor server to download kiddie porn and do other illegal things online, safe from prosecution.  I don't know, maybe he likes to log onto NAMBLA.

So I won't even mention his name or his hateful little blog, thus denying him the attention and sense of legitimacy that he so desperately craves.  Suffice it to say, I don't have a shred of respect for the little man and don't consider him worthy of response.  I mention him now only because I enjoy taunting him, knowing that he will get no blog fame, links or visitors from it.

There are other liberals who comment here whom I do respect, namely, Green Eagle and Mnut, who often supply intelligent commentary.  As for Ass-Munch, no such luck.  He has nothing intelligent to say.  I consider him irrelevant and beneath contempt.

And I'm sure that just pisses him off to no end.  HA!

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