Saturday, June 11, 2011

"The Undefeated," a New Film About Sarah Palin

A new and independent film about Sarah Palin may change minds about the former Alaskan governor.  It is called "The Undefeated," and critics say it will show Palin in a much more favorable light.  The film is produced by filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon.

Elisabeth Meinecke at describes the film:
Though the film production timeline was not, it appears, done with any kind of presidential 2012 campaign in mind, it is capable of giving people a second impression of Palin and one that could prove useful in a 2012 discussion, because it’s a documentary based on facts that show the governor as an astute leader and a smart woman, unlike how she has been portrayed for the better part of three years. Bannon himself is a Harvard grad and was impressed with how Palin governed the state. He also said even some liberals in the entertainment industry are garnering a great appreciation for her as a person of substance.
Read more about the film here.


Anonymous said...

"Undefeated"? Umm she was defeated for V.P. in 2008 and probably could not be elected Governor of Alaska if she ran again there after putting in all of two years as (albeit a good) governor. Look I like Palin but this Palin worship is becoming almost as annoying as the Obama worship of 2008.

Stogie said...

Anon, "Palin worship"? It seems to me that Palin is the target of much more invective and hatred than worship.

In 2008, Obama had the uncritical and worshipful mainstream media on his side; in 2011, the mainstream media is adamantly opposed to Palin and doing everything they can to skewer her chances for 2012 (like going through 20,000 emails in an attempt to find a "gotcha").

Anonymous said...

Yes it is Palin worhip by her acolytes. They are so enchanted and obsessed with her "wonderfulness" that it is either Palin or nobody else. The fact of the matter is that she is viewed negatively by far too many people (almost 60%) to ever have a prayer of winning the general election. She chose celebrity (a reality TV show, Dancing With the Stars) and making money over governing. She is not nearly the social conservative that you think she is. The Left is doing this to her because that is what the Left does to conservatives. Palin peaked way too soon.

Stogie said...

Anon, Palin is viewed negatively by many people, not because of anything she believes or anything she said or did, but because of nonstop attacks on her by the MSM and the many Democrat talking heads in the media.

If she is so bad, why do they fear her so much?

Palin, like Bork and Clarence Thomas, has been the subject of a gargantuan negative publicity campaign -- she has been smeared.

Perhaps the film will correct some of these false impressions.

AmPowerBlog said...

The Palin e-mails have painted her very positively and left egg on the face of her detractors.

Anyway: Linked: 'Rule 5 'Breastaurants' Update!'

Anonymous said...

The lefties and some conservatives are so afraid of's laughable ! She has been the MOST scrutinized person ever! Here the MSM gets 24,000 of her e-mails and we can't even see Obamas college papers !! go figure ! All I have to say is GO SARAH !