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Commies on Parade, May 1, 2011

Non-Negotiable Union Demands
There's an interesting post at American Thinker today.  It brings a lot of political and ethnic threads together to reveal a tapestry of sedition and hatred for all things American.

The post, "Commies on Parade" links to a blog "Ringo's Pictures" showing the marriage of Communists, Mexican reconquistas and union thugs, as they march together in Los Angeles, sporting red flags and Mexican flags.  The May Day marchers carry posters advocating Communism, Mexican reclamation of parts of the United States (reconquista), and extra pizzas and bigger t shirts (or something) for the fat SEIU members.

In short, the May Day parade in Los Angeles featured the something-for-nothing slugs of society who want to take what they want when they want it, and get in the faces of anyone who refuses to part with his hard-earned property or wealth.  As the author Ralph Alter puts it:
Blogging at Ringo's Pictures, the blogger Ringo provides scores of remarkable photographs detailing the events at the annual May Day parade held in downtown Los Angeles on May 1, 2011. The images are frightening and illustrate the latitude we have allowed serious hate-groups and espousers of virulent anti-Americanism to move about freely and publicly call for the overthrow of the American political system.
Alter also links to Zombie's post (with pictures) of a California teachers' rally that also displayed anti-capitalist, anti-American signs and placards, "How a Teachers' Rally Made Me Anti-Education."

Zombie describes the role of the education system in the leftist brainwashing of school students.  She writes:
...public schools have ceased to be places for educating America’s youth but have instead become indoctrination centers where our children’s brains are marinated in political correctness and leftist thought patterns.
Zombie's post got me to thinking about the recent controversy at Soquel High School where several students were suspended.  I blogged about Soquel High School's heavy-handed treatment of several of its students for alleged "white supremacy" leanings, based in part on their wearing white t shirts to the school's group picture.  They were also criticized for wearing American flag themed t shirts to school on "Cinco de Mayo," a Mexican national holiday.  Their critics claimed that American flags were offensive to the Mexican kids attending Soquel High.   Imagine that, displaying American flags in America is now evidence of "white supremacy."

So why does this small group of white students feel a need to act out against the prevailing culture of Soquel High?  Could it be that these students have been made to feel marginalized, alienated and ostracized because they are white and patriotic Americans?  Were they merely seeking ways to resist the anti-American, anti-white, pro-reconquista attitudes of their leftwing teachers and administrators?

The posts I mention here today provide evidence of the hostile environment in which California school kids are being marginalized by their educators.


A couple of photos from Ringo's Pictures:

A California High School Openly Supports "the Victory" 
With the Image of a Dead Communist

The New Brown Shirts?  Mexican Reconquistas in Paramilitary Garb

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