Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Yoda" Wins "World's Ugliest Dog;" Janeane Garofalo Demands Recount

Yes, Yoda the dog has beaten out Janeane the other dog in the annual contest of "World's Ugliest Dog."  In spite of her publicity agent's best efforts, Janeane Garofalo failed to retain the title, though she continues to be Hollywood's ugliest dog.

In the news photo below, Yoda taunts Garofalo while the latter blames her defeat on Fox News, which since it is a news organization for beautiful women (and hence the name "Fox" News), Garofalo is never mentioned.  So that Democrat women will have equal time, George Soros is funding a new news network, "Skank News," which will compete with Fox.  Or not.

Garofalo is the one on the right.  Those aren't tattoos covering her arms; she once passed out on a bus stop bench in a rough neighborhood and the local gang used her as a canvas for graffiti.  Apparently, they mistook her for a highway underpass, an understandable mistake.

Read more about Garofalo's narrow defeat here.

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