Friday, June 17, 2011

Robert Kennedy Jr. Protects Ideology That Murdered His Father

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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Per Weasel Zippers, Robert Kennedy Jr., visiting the Netherlands, has described Dutch politician Geert Wilders as "a racist."   RFK Jr. was apparently speaking of Wilders' opposition to Islam, the violent culture that killed RFK Jr.'s own father back in 1967.  Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a Palestinian, Muslim sympathizer and anti-semite, followed a long Islamic/Arabic tradition of killing people, and shot Robert F. Kennedy Sr. to death at a political rally in Los Angeles.  Sirhan was angry at RFK's appearance before Jewish groups promising support to Israel, in which the elder RFK posed in a Jewish skull cap.

This same murderous mindset also killed many hundreds of people recently, in New York, Madrid, London, Beslan and Mumbai (among others).  Wilders, apparently appalled at the growing body count, began to speak out against Islam and its intolerant and hateful beliefs.

Enter stage left, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is now honoring the memory of his father by siding with the violent culture that killed him, and by attacking Geert Wilders, a man far more principled, courageous and informed than himself.


christian soldier said...

Thank you for the history of Sirhan's islamic ideology-that never came out in the '60s when RFK was murdered...

Always On Watch said...

Robert Kennedy, Jr., is an asshat.

As for Sirhan Sirhan, he was on a jihad, IMO. said...

According to Wikipedia and other sources, Sirhan was a Palestinian Christian pan-Arabist. He may have been on a jihad but he was not a Muslim. He perhaps is notable in that he was not one.

Stogie said...

Vlad, not exactly. Siran was born into a Palestinian Christian family but obviously did not remain one. He stated that he killed RFK because of the latter's support for Israel and because he was upset over the Israeli victory over the Arabs in the 1967 war.

Siran bore all the anti-semitic, fanatical hatred of the Muslim culture he was born into.