Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gloom and Doom: 39% Now Believe the Economy is in "Permanent Decline"

According to a CBS-New York Times poll, 39% of Americans now believe the US economy is in permanent decline.  That means they don't believe we will ever get back our lost prosperity.

They may be right.  Not because it is impossible to recover, but because Americans still haven't clearly linked poverty to its ultimate cause, i.e. liberalism.  Per the poll:
"Forty-two percent said the government should spend to create jobs, even if it has to borrow money to do so. Three in four Republicans said no, while three in five Democrats said yes."
The response to this question reveals widespread ignorance of how an economy works.  Government cannot create private sector jobs, and more government spending will simply poison any recovery.

The belief in "government spending" as a spur to job growth is analogous to the belief in prior centuries of the benefits of bloodletting.  If someone was really sick, doctors opened a vein and drained blood out of the patient, foolishly believing that this was beneficial.  What bloodletting did instead was to further weaken the patient, reducing his chances for recovery.

Liberalism is the modern equivalent of bloodletting.  Americans must stop voting for it if they want any kind of economic future.

Here's Barack Obama's theme song for the 2012 elections:  Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

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Anonymous said...

Obama is so evil that he has convinced a lot of American's that a high unemployment rate is the natural order of things.