Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lawrence Auster Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

Lawrence Auster, Blogger
View From The Right
Lawrence Auster of View From the Right has announced that he has metastasized pancreatic cancer.  He was diagnosed a year ago, and has been undergoing chemotherapy since then.

Auster has responded very well to the chemotherapy; numerous tumors in his body rapidly shrank and now are not visible at all.  However, that does not imply a cure, as the tumors are probably just microscopic at this point.  They could come back, but no one can predict when. Nevertheless, the medical treatment has undoubtedly prolonged Auster's life.

God bless you Larry and may you continue to beat the odds!

Read Larry's announcement here.

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Always On Watch said...

Pancreatic cancer is bad news. **sigh**

Stogie said...

Yes, it is what killed Patrick Swayze. I can't imagine the terror of having such a potential death sentence hanging over your head; but Lawrence Auster seems to be facing it courageously and (at least so far), keeping the cancer at bay.

1389 said...

My prayers are with him.