Friday, June 03, 2011

California Bill Will Protect Cross-Dressing in the Workplace

Assembly Bill 887 will protect cross-dressing in the California workplace.  Male employees can dress as a man one day and a woman the next, and  not be fired.   Opponents of the bill point out that such behavior will alienate customers and co-workers and debilitate workplace morale.  Proponents of the bill don't care about such things as economic success, they are too anxious to prove themselves champions of the downtrodden, and who is more downtrodden than a man in drag?

AB 887 has passed the California Assembly and now moves to the California Senate.

Brad Daucus, an attorney for the Pacific Justice Institute, opposes the bill, said:
This is about employers having to deal with employees who dress in a way that employers know will cost them either in terms of customers, employer morale, or employee operational efficiency.
One cannot help but wonder how a cross-dressing school teacher will impact the students he/she teaches, to come to school one day as a man, then as a woman on the next.  And he/she can't be fired for it.

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