Monday, June 13, 2011

A Short Break From Blogging: Musical Interlude by Harry Connick Jr.

Argh, I haven't posted since last Saturday.  On that day my band hosted a party for friends, supporters and other musicians.  The result was food, fun, friendship and a lot of music.  On Sunday I started thinking about my music goals and where I want to go with them.  Today I started making a list of all of the best band songs in various categories, i.e. jazz, blues, R&B, classic rock and country and western.  I put the lists into different tabs of an Excel spreadsheet and will add more songs to each list as I discover them.

Then I downloaded a bunch of songs of Harry Connick Jr. from Itunes, picked up my upright bass and tried to fake my way through them all.  I will get the sheet music to all of the songs I really want to learn, then really learn them, chord by chord.  Where I really want to go is to mellow jazz and jazz standards, though I doubt that I could ever give up classic rock and blues.  I love them too much.

Harry Connick Jr, like Michael Buble, is a young and hip guy who is walking in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra and other greats who specialized in romantic music, jazz and jazz standards.  Here's a video of Connick singing "All of Me" with his orchestra in a live performance.

And here's another: "The Way You Look Tonight":

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