Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Roasted: Will Resign From Congress

Anthony Weiner, D-NY, will resign from Congress under mounting pressure from fellow Democrats for exposing himself to young women on the internet.  The digital Democrat dick display has resulted, finally, in Weiner leaving in disgrace.  Read the story here and see a video.

Weiner was a dick in more ways than one, but something inside me feels a tiny bit of sympathy for the man.  It's difficult not to imagine oneself in such a position:  embarrassed, ostracized, disgraced, humiliated.  Epic fail.  What do you do after such a fall?  How do you reinvent yourself?  Will you forever be linked to the scandal?  Will anyone, anywhere, ever be able to see your face without imagining your naked penis online?

Democrats, of course, don't give a damn about the personal destruction of Republicans and conservatives.  Their desire is to destroy their opponents utterly and completely.  Victims have included Judge Bork, Clarence Thomas, Linda Tripp, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay and now Sarah Palin.  Democrats lose no sleep over the unjust damage they do to individual lives and reputations in pursuit of their political goals.  For that reason, I should not care one iota about Anthony Weiner's self-inflicted personal destruction.

However, I am not a Democrat.  I do care...a tiny, little bit.  But at least Anthony Weiner will always have his little friend...Pookie.


AmPowerBlog said...

Nice posting.

No, they don't care. They would have liked to destroy Andrew Breitbart in the process, and no will not own up to their smears and slanders.

Curtis Chandler said...

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