Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Democrats' War On Democracy: Now Abusing the Recall Option

The Democrats are utterly ruthless in their desire for political power, and have used a number of devices for overturning elections that were not in their favor.  Their latest gambit will be to abuse the recall process, because they can't lose even if the effort fails:  they will have slimed their targeted Republican and force him/her to spend time and money combating the recall.

From J.R. Dunn at the American Thinker:
Democrat inability to prevail at the ballot box has led to tactics of desperation. Falling numbers of Democratic voters (the number of registered Democrats stands at just over 43% today, scarcely a plurality) have loosened the hold of Democratic political machines across the country, letting light and air into districts that have not been part of the country's culture of democracy for generations. As a result, we have seen the introduction of all sorts of novel electoral tactics, usually backroom stuff that would be familiar to Boss Tweed and Frank Hague: endless recounts spiced up by ballots appearing out of quantum black holes, opponents being denied places on the ballot by legal action (a Cook County special strongly endorsed by none other than Barack Obama), voting by felons and illegal immigrants. Frivolous recall elections are simply the latest of these.
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