Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner Confesses

Democrat Anthony Weiner confessed to tweeting a lewd photo of himself to a woman he met online, and tearfully apologized to the media for lying about it.  The Other McCain has the videos and facts on this amazing development here.

Weiner tweeted a photo of his lower body in undershorts sporting a visible "stiffy," which he claims was sent to the lady as a joke.  He unintentionally tweeted the photo instead of sending it by email; he then panicked, removed the tweet and then lied about it, saying his Twitter account had been hacked.  The media largely doubted his story.

Robert S. McCain was on the story early on.  Frankly, I ignored the story due to its sleazy nature and unsubstantial subject matter.  However, McCain is a professional journalist and believed (correctly) that the story had legs, and McCain followed it to the end.  Weiner's humiliation is now complete and other Democrats are expected to press him to resign his House seat.

Ah men!  While young, we are possessed by a demonic force known as testosterone, which compels us to make absolute fools of ourselves in pursuit of sex, in an effort to obey nature's dictum to procreate the species, using as many different women as possible to enlarge the gene pool.  This no doubt worked well back when people lived in caves, but not so well in the 21st century.

Take testosterone, mix it with the internet and a few pretty girls, and you are all done, fella.  The results are not often pretty.  You may as well play with dynamite and matches.

Update:  Weiner appears to be much more than just a hormone-motivated guy in heat.  It has now been revealed that Weiner was displaying his wiener, naked, nude and au naturel, to young women over the internet, i.e. exposing himself digitally.  It's obvious that this schmuck has displayed a personal recklessness that is mind-bending.  It would be difficult to find a more blatant example of self-destruction by a public official.  He should not only resign, he should grow a beard, dye his hair, get cosmetic surgery and move to a desert island somewhere and live in a cave.

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pjm said...

I realize these guys feel they have to lie, otherwise they will lose their job..... but while his actions are pretty idiotic, the lies are unforgivable. He blamed it on hackers!

I felt the same way with Clinton..... yes he had a "fluffer" for an intern. Granted in this country he is probably dead in the water if it comes out... but for me it was him looking into the camera and outright lying to America.

I realize that all politicians lie to protect their self interests... but once again don't act like you are a victim with some "they are out to get me story", when you know damn well you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.